Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Create Task #3

Now that my code is complete, my video is complete, and my written responses are complete, I have submitted my work to College Board. For part 2a. I described what occurred in my video and the function of my program. In part 2b. I described my process of creating my program and talked about the purpose of the program and why I created it. In part 2c. I talked about the algorithms I caused in my program and how they worked. Last, in part 2d., I described my abstraction in the program and the purpose/function of it. Now that I have submitted my work to College Board, my Creat Task is officially completed.

Create Task Blog #2

I have now coded my program. I have a working program under the file name of shoepalace.py. The program begins with a greeting, "Welcome to Shoe Palace" and then gives a list of options. The user can type "1" to view their cart, "2" to add shoes to their cart, "3" to remove items from their cart, and "4" to quit the program. If the user tries to add a pair of shoes to their cart that is already in it, they will be rejected. The user's selected pairs of shoes are all located under "1, View Cart". The program works as planned!!

Create Task Blog #1

So I have started working on my explore task. I started by planning out my program. My idea for a program was a shoe store where a user can add the shoes they want to a shopping cart that they can view and edit. The user will be able to view the pair of shoes that are in his shopping cart, add to the shopping cart, remove items from the shopping cart, and save the items that are stored in it. Once this program is complete, it will be a simulation of a shoe store.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


  • Functions make something simple
Def function(input)
   Return output
              ↗           ↑                        
Main    /                |
Output = function(input1)

*function -> name it for what its job is

*input -> the data being sent/passed

Monday, January 6, 2020

Self-Driving Mercedes Will Be Programmed To Sacrifice Pedestrians To Save The Driver

your thoughts?

I think that the fact that the self-driving Mercedes will be programmed to sacrifice pedestrians to save the driver is a smart decision. There are many good reasons for it; including the fact that it would guarantee the buyer safety. Not everyone is a good driver and because of that, they could be putting their own life at risk whenever they drive. With the intelligent programming used in the Mercedes, their life would be in the hands of the car, which will do whatever it can to protect them. Another reason why this is a good decision made by the engineers is that in a car accident situation, a passenger usually cannot get out of a car in such short notice, but pedestrians can dodge an incoming vehicle. This would guarantee safety for a passenger and may also be a better solution for society; likely reducing many car-related deaths and injuries overall.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Today, my goal is to finish my explore project. I just need to finish up part 2d and my artifact. Most of my artifact is completed, so it shouldn't take me too much longer to finish.


Yesterday, I finished part 2c. After that, I then moved onto part 2d and found a few perfect sources as well as a perfect topic for privacy and security.